1. What is the team behind EtherZero?

Hello, appreciate your attention. At present, we are a team of more than 30 people. Technical team members come from different countries in the world, some members are professional DAPP developers. At this stage, we have established cooperation relationship with many well-known DAPP development studios from India and Eastern Europe.

The EtherZero operating team is mainly distributed in China, Russia and Southeast Asia. North American and European operating teams are under construction.

Here, we also earnestly invite friends with resources and technology to become early ETZ developers, mining pool operators, early investors, partners or expert consultants. For outstanding contributors, we will give ETZ gifts generously later. We will also announce a specific team member list in the near future.

2. What mining algorithm is used for EtherZero?

Use the same mining algorithm as Ethereum, Ethash.

3. How to join MasterNode and what is the reward?

How: 20,000 ETZ+ a computer are needed.

Rewards: 45% of the rewards in each block are attributed to miners, 45% to the main node, and 10% to the autonomous community.

4. When does the MasterNode plan begin?

Master node plans to officially start in June 2018.

5. How to contact the EtherZero team?

You can join our telegram group, QQ group or WeChat group, or contact us via email: [email protected]