EtherZero Masternode

What is EtherZero's MPOS Mechanism

EtherZero team proposed an innovative consensus algorithm called MPos, which is the abbreviation of Masternode + PoS. MPoS algorithm implements what the current mainstream public chain are achieving, such as zero transaction fees and community autonomy.

Ethereum has a long-term PoS goal based on Casper, but it’s too tedious to rely on to quickly solve the problem of network congestion and transaction delay. It’s why we propose the MPoS consensus algorithm which it’s characterized of masternode to replaces the EOS 21 super nodes.......

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How to host a masternode

As long as every participant has 20,000 ETZ coins and one cloud sever, they are welcomed to join in our masternode mining and enjoy the right to vote in the autonomous community.

Tutorial |How To Deploy EtherZero Masternode Step By Step?

In order to guarantee every ETZer to smoothly build up his/her masternode in EtherZero mainnet, this tutorial is guiding everyone to set up EtherZero masternode steps by steps with words and diagram.


20k ETZ

You can buy ETZ from exchanges or OTC for large volume


1 Cloud server

Get a premium sever can insure the normal running of Masternode.

Tech Support

Joint community

Join our Telegram community group to get help for setting up masternodes

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Masternode Investment Revenue


MN Status

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To help you quickly jump into Maternode I've prepared a full tutorial overview video on Youtube and give you easy access to the setup guide

How to synchronize the Maternode time

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How to deploy EtherZero Masternode

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How to update masternode Code

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